An interview with a Youtuber Niraj Patel (Social Media Success Stories)

Niraj Patel is Full-time YouTuber who is having a channel for Motivational videos, Poetries, and quotes. He has two channel First channel name is Nikology, which is having more than 700k Subscribers and the Second channel is Nirajpatel which has more than 150K Subscribers. It was interesting to talk with him, when I talk to him I find he is

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Create your profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an effective social media tool if you utilize properly, it is beyond just sharing content. You can find a job or can request someone. Creating Linkedin profile looks simple, but filled with some tricks to increase your visibility. How to create LinkedIn account Fill basic information Basics When you will ask for signup you will ask for some

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LinkedIn – know your social media

Develop Your business on Linkedin

About LinkedIn LinkedIn is a social media site for networking specifically designed for career and business professional. Numbers says that there are total 590 Million users on LinkedIn,260 monthly active users and 4 million users share content on a weekly basis so as far number consider it is a good website to promote your business Interesting Statistics About LinkedIn LinkedIn

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Social Media Influencer marketing

Now everyone talks about influencer marketing. As per the name it is when some influencer broadcast a brand message for marketing purposes like corporate communication, selling a product, advertising some services, launching a new concept and do things to promote a brand. Influencers use their unique relationship with their audience by working with brands that want access to their community

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Facebook Marketplace – Know Your Social Media

Facebook Marketplace

Netmarket was the first website who introduce online shopping in 1994 after that immediately Amazon launched in 1995 and list go on, there are many reasons why everyone wants to market their products online in this list Facebook also comes online marketing needs good customer base and social media site    Facebook has 2.93 billion users as per 3 March 2019

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