Home Decor Tips and Accessories for Festivals

Home Decor Tips and Accessories for Festivals: As Festivities are now on peak, it’s high time to Decorate Your Home with Classy and Contemporary Elements to give an elegant look.

#1 Lights and Lamps

Some captivating wall lamps, LED’s Lights, Fairy Lights are a great lighting fixture to add a beautiful and natural element to any room. Perfect for placing above your nightstand or side table beside sofa and bed. It adds beauty in your decorations. Many apps and online shopping sites like Myntra, Amazon and Flipkart offers vast range of lighting products. One may also find it in nearby decor stores.

#2 Handmade or Readymade Planters

Go Green and make your environment healthy by growing more plants and decorating your home with live plants. Add an exotic, lush accent to your lobby or home with beautiful plants from fancy mart. Decorative plants will add a pleasing element to your collection.

#3 Fountains:

The feeling and atmosphere that running water brings to your property is refreshing and tranquil, and very few ornamental pieces compare with the entertainment value of an elegant garden water fountain. Choosing the perfect water fountain for your home can help you bring that outdoorsy vibe right into your living space.

#4 Rangoli Matt

Diwali without Rangoli cannot go as it is. If you are unable make beautiful Rangoli near your Entrance than this Artificial Flowers Rangoli Matt Options are best for you.

#5 Diya’s and Candles

No festival end without any spiritual activities like Pooja. Thus to make it more elegant, Do some DIY for Your Pooja Thali and Use some beautiful candles and Diya’s to Decorate your prayer hall, Living room, Balcony and Garden Area.

#6 Potpourri

Make your home smells zesty with an amazing potpourri combo. Take a handful of dried flowers, petals and herbs, place in a decorative bowl or a cane basket. To make the arrangement aromatic, mix your favorite combination of spices, woody scents and essential oils to the bowl.

#7 Lanterns and Torans

Hanging such Hand-made torans or readymade wall-hanger will add an extra charm to your home. Use it to Hang near your door, window or in an empty wall to add a glamorous and festive look.
So what are you waiting for? Just Go and Buy it. This are best, Easiest way for decorating your home during festivals.

Have A Happy Festive Ahead.

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