How to dress this rainy season – Fashion hacks

How to dress this rainy season – Fashion hacks

Person needs to wear clothes as per season and most difficult season if officially arrived so we need to wear as per situation as we know monsoon is most difficult season to maintain fashion It’s really hard to decide what to wear and what not to during the monsoons since it is essential to look out for the weather before getting ready for the day.

Monsoons bring a lot of downpour due to which the weather turns humid and the roads accumulate a lot of dirt and water and we need to face this all for that we need to wear clothes which are Easy-dry fabrics, shorter hemlines, and some color that don’t get dirty so easily and put all summer-friendly outfits and leather shoes in your ward drop every coin has two sides so on the other side monsoon is a heartwarming and happy season too where you can experiment a lot to look inevitably admirable and trendy.

Here there are some fashion hacks that you can use.

1. Add Colour to Your Wardrobe that shuts monsoon fashion 

Add Colour to Your Wardrobe that shuts monsoon fashion

Monsoon tunes danger when its come to choice color of cloths as we know I monsoon can ruin your clothes and mood so especially you need to pick up bright and bold color palette to brighten up a day so they don’t get dirty easily so put your light color aside and Pair it with cropped pants and choose bright color footwear with it.

The most important thing you need to avoid white because it gets dangerous when it gets wet it will become transparent and another thing Who likes getting any of their white piece of clothing dampened with dirt and water so avoid white this season to save yourself and your favorite cloth.

2. Comfortable to wear in rainy seasons

Comfortable to wear in rainy seasons

Light wt fabric those dry easily must be used in the rainy season and heavy wt or say knitted fabric that has a tendency to stick to skin must NOT be used in such weather. so you can wear cotton evergreen, Denim for a smarter look, Silk for the beauty and comfort, Poly cotton for a comfortable and gorgeous look, and there are many more which you can experiment with it.

3. What to wear in the bottom 

What to wear in the bottom

During monsoon, nobody likes to wear clingy jeans because the fabric sticks to your skin and makes you uncomfortable and unhygienic. So you can switch for Capri-length wide bottom or narrow bottom pants and cotton tights are a good option. Ankle- length culottes in solid colors or small prints make great monsoon wear. So wear light fabrics which don’t stick to your skin and dry quickly.

4. Find footwear for monsoon

Find footwear for monsoon

During monsoon you need to choose footwear so prissily we need to wear them in much-heard condition and your footwear got to have a good grip and are not prone to slip easily. And with all this you have to look good also for that you can go with crocs, jelly shoes, rain boots, sneaker rain shoes, floaters, Waterproof leather shoes and many more.

5. Essentials you must have in your bag during monsoon

Essentials you must have in your bag during monsoon

To save yourself you need to carry some essentials in your handbag which will help you to stay dry so first thing first carry umbrellas or raincoats, a perfume to save you from bad odor, a waterproof pouch to keep your phone and other thing safe, and a sanitizer to keep you away from all the dirt and bacteria so this are the some things which will help you get through the rains with ease so carry them in your bag this season.

6. The Right Accessories

The Right Accessories

Especially for girls, you need some accessories to look good and cover your fashion this rainy season-first lick you can purchase good looking headband which will help you in bed hair and will give you much cleaner look with that you can buy a good looking watch with it.

So we have discus a lot about things which will help you in monsoon and things you need to avoid now let’s see which cloth will help you in monsoon. Stay up with the trends and look stylish. It’s time to take your dresses, shorts and all breezy clothes out like crop tops, cropped trousers, midi skirts, and all short cloth out for this monsoon style  .

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