#jcbkikhudai why it is trending?

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After making memes on Election, Avengers Endgame and GOT, social networking sites are filled with #jcbkikhudai Memes. No one knows how and why these memes come.

We try to get an answer but don’t get any easy results. While some say, huge viewership generated by JCB digging videos on YouTube. Some Indicate video of the groom in Chhattisgarh who come with JCB, Instead of a horse, at the wedding.

“#jcbkikhudayi jokes are so subtle yet so funny. Apparently, the jokes are about how jobless are people to watch JCB digging videos on YouTube with these videos getting millions of views,” said one Twitter user.

It is not about social media only, people like to watch the JCB at work in real life only. On social media, #jcbkikhudayi become trending last week. These memes include celebrities, general people, well-known movies, politicians, etc.

Check out some of the funniest tweets:

a tweet with expensive cars and JCB together.

A post by JCB company, thanking their customers and fans on social media by small video.

here it shows why JCB is so much trending now. because Digging video of JCB get millions of views on YouTube.

Before this Priyanka Varrier was this much viral on social media. She was the girl who gets millions of followers on Instagram in just a day. Apart from her the RCB Girl also become most viral on social media. She also most searched girl on social media.

Other things that got viral on social media was Vaaste a song a sung by Dhvani Bhanushali.