An interview with a Youtuber Niraj Patel (Social Media Success Stories)

Niraj Patel talk about his Youtube Channel 3

Niraj Patel is Full-time YouTuber who is having a channel for Motivational videos, Poetries, and quotes. He has two channel First channel name is Nikology, which is having more than 700k Subscribers and the Second channel is Nirajpatel which has more than 150K Subscribers. It was interesting to talk with him, when I talk to

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Social Media Influencer marketing

banner on what s influencer marketing

Now everyone talks about influencer marketing. As per the name it is when some influencer broadcast a brand message for marketing purposes like corporate communication, selling a product, advertising some services, launching a new concept and do things to promote a brand. Influencers use their unique relationship with their audience by working with brands that

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Facebook Marketplace – Know Your Social Media

Facebook Marketplace

How it was started Netmarket was the first website to introduce online shopping in 1994. After Netmarket immediately Amazon launched in 1995 and list go on.The E-commerce sites earns good revenues in last 10 years. After finding opportunity Facebook also try new feature name marketplace. Facebook has 2.93 billion users as par 3 March 2019.

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