An interview with a Youtuber Niraj Patel (Social Media Success Stories)

Niraj Patel is Full-time YouTuber who is having a channel for Motivational videos, Poetries, and quotes.

He has two channel First channel name is Nikology, which is having more than 700k Subscribers and the Second channel is Nirajpatel which has more than 150K Subscribers.

It was interesting to talk with him, when I talk to him I find he is real life motivator.

Early Life of Niraj Patel

Niraj is from Middle-class family Gujarat; his father is working in one Private company.

When he completes His Civil engineering, He was offered a job with a salary of Rs. 4000.

Niraj said “My reaction was a bit negative about it, I had spent lacks of RS on the study and what I was getting is not enough for survival even. So I decided to start something that is my own”

His first Venture was website designing and blogging which get Failed, but he gets an idea about website designing and content writing so he started freelancing projects for website designing and Content writing,

he use to get 5000 to 6000 initially. It was not really enough for him and he also find any Growth in it so he started thinking on other ideas for earning.

After that, he tried some business, and invests money it but face the failure.

Starting YouTube Channel

On making Youtube channel He stated “my Father is now aged; I don’t want that he works now. I was earning a bit from blogging but it wasn’t enough to say my father that now you stay home I will earn for you. Second things I was wanting that to take responsibility of , so my short term goal for that time was only one – Increase income and then I come up with the idea of making YouTube Channel”

Then he started making videos, He makes his own Youtube Channel with Name Nikology.

Niraj takes more than two months to just give the name to his channel, the meaning of channel name is – Niko (his Nik name) + illogical, yes channel is putting now logical Video.

“I Make more than 12 channels before it and delete it without posting anything; I was searching for one good name that can create me as a brand. Still I was not clear with idea that what to put on YouTube, I initially think to put roasting videos that will have abusing language because it was trending but then I think that why to go with trend and just spoil the YouTube, so I think to put motivational videos, my thinking Behind making Motivational videos was that, if I can earn by motivating people then why I should Abuse?, and this is how my journey of YouTube started”

When Niraj initially started his YouTube videos, he realizes that the audience did not like his Hindi accent and voice both, he literally was getting bad comments from viewers, and he decided to give up.

After 6 to 7 video, he stops making motivational Videos for 3 months. But he don’t give-up from Youtube, he said, “I was thinking on only one point that what if I convert my weakness in my strength?” he did research on the type of voices, he started working on his own voice. and He learns how to change voice.

Now it was time to start it again with something that Niraj learned in these three months, he realizes that many people may have financial problems like him, so he decided to start Youtube videos with that particular topic.

He stated in an interview that “we all have financial problems in life and we all want to from it, so I make one video with title Gareeb ham Nahi Hamari Soch hai which was inspired by one story”

Youtube Audience like this video and this was the first video of him which got 4000 views in just a week. He was happy with it, and get motivated to make more videos like this.

Today his first video has more than 2 million views on Nikology.

Question Answers

How do you decide the topic of your videos?

“I Actually don’t choose my topics, situation of my life decide that what I am going to upload, If I feel loved than my video will be on love, if Feel depression than my video will be on how to come out of depression, what I live as human that all I record as YouTuber, it is not as simple as it looks I work for 10 to 15 days on my one video”

When your Channel Get famous?

“It was very slow and Gradual process, but the boost I got in Video was “Chanakya Niti”, I found that Viewers are finding for “Chanakya Niti” But they are not getting in a Way they want, I record 17 audios in Just two days, To be Honest, my voice not good but It was audible, It next two months I put all that videos, that 17 videos give me good number of YouTube views and Subscribers”

I was first YouTuber who put all Content of Chanakya Niti in 17 Videos after that many people get inspired and start making videos on it.

Now, all that videos of Chanakya Niti have the highest views.

Problems you find During YouTube Channel?

There was many, but the major one was my Personal Computer, I had PC which took 8 hour of rendering time for the one video of 4 minutes, it was not easy to work with that PC and due to financial Problems, Studio wasn’t affordable. With my earnings first thing I did is buying a new PC.

What was your First Earning?

My first earning was approximate $100 and now earning more than $1400-1600, It is enough me to work comfortably.

What is the Difference between Initial response and Now?

It is drastic, My friends was use to say me that “you are making scarp content”, and after getting popular they also start putting my videos on their stories with proud. Till 50K views, my Family wasn’t known even what I was doing? But then I get a good response from Family, Friends and even from some big companies who provide me the opportunity to share my content on their platform.

What new you are going to give to your fans?

It is my first book, on which I am working from the Last two months. You can say that I had started with Social media and now I going get reach from Print media also.

You are doing well on YouTube but you ignore other social media, any reason?

From Starting, time was a big issue for me, and my goal was to get reach on YouTube only, so I do not concentrate on any other Social media platforms, now I am also working on other Social media platform but still my goal for other social media is presence only.

How You Response Bad Comments or Reviews?

When I get negative comments, I realise my mistake and I work on it, if someone abuse for my videos than my fan following answer for the same. My followers also argue for bad comments I received, that’s why I Love my Followers

Who is your inspiration in life?

Only one line “Yeh Bhi Gujar Jayega” this line always works for me, whether it a good situation or bad situation I say myself only one line “ Niraj Don’t worry yeh Wakt Bhi Gujar Jayega”

How was your family Response for not doing a job and making Youtube Channel?

My father only asks me one question “do you confident with what you are doing? If yes then you can do that”

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What short message you want to give on “How to live a life?”

Live your life in a way that when you get aged and tell your life-story to someone, they should get trilled and should say that “Your life can be a movie”; at least I want to live my life in this way. Second thing lives in the present, take responsibilities; it will help you a lot.

Few words for your Fans?

First, whatever good time or bad time you are going through is the result of your past decisions, I know that you can’t Change decisions but try to change your present. And think before you take any decision.

Second thing for my fans, Thank you very much for this response on YouTube Channel, I Love you A lot!!! And will always work for you.

What are your words for your other new YouTubers?

  • Make goals
  • Keep doing experiments
  • Be Active
  • Keep motivating yourself
  • Never stop learning and uploading

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