10 Best Ways to Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

When you want to connect with the world with your profession, LinkedIn is the best social media tool. LinkedIn is a bit different than other social media platforms because here you have more opportunities to grow your business.

Once you created your profile effectively your second step will be to get connections. It may be from colleagues, Batchmates, Industry or professionals.

Here I have mentioned some strategies that may help you to grow LinkedIn Connections

1. Use LinkedIn Groups

Business is all about meeting new people and converting them in your customer. By joining Linkedin groups you will meet people who are related to your industry. I Suggest that you join 4 to 5 Groups of your industry. So you Easily can interact with them and can create more connections on LinkedIn.

Always remember that once you get 1000+ connections, slowdown sending a request to connections. Let the other people find you.

2. LinkedIn Likes Long posts and Inspirational content

LinkedIn is a place where people give time to read the big post. So keep posting content that has detailed information.

3. Share trending content

It is not possible to make long content every day. But being on social media has perks of sharing an article of others. Share articles people like to read. We suggest that add your suggestion to an article before sharing it.

4. Use your headlines Smartly.

The headline of 120 Characters helps connections to identify you. Let your headline say who you are. Or what work you do or what achievements you have. Eg. If I am number one website for teaching social media techniques then my headline should be “one of most effective educators of social media marketing”. Keep in mind your headline represents you. Use your headline effectively.

5. Keep in touch with Influencers.

Influencers are those who have a large number of connections in your industry. No matter they know you or not, make good relationship with them Concentrate them on new achievements, mention them in your post or blogs.

6. Try to engage with your LinkedIn connection

The more you engage, the more you will have a chance for new connections. Comment on a post of your connections; wish them on a new job, birthday and new designation. It will help you to build a relationship.

7. Publish a video and infographics.

According to research and some digital marketers, content in video form and infographics get more engagement than any other form. Try to post 2 videos weekly. Also, put some infographics monthly basis.  Make sure your videos and infographics are good enough to get more attention.

For individuals and brands of all kinds, there are big opportunities on LinkedIn right now. One of the easiest ways to reap the benefits platform has to offer is to beef up your number of quality, LinkedIn connections. Go get started today.

8. Post Regularly

Being active on any social media is essential. More you post regularly, more you will have chances to get connection request on LinkedIn.

Always keep in mind that you can post scrape content on any social media. Plan and analyze what other competitor is posting. Check their frequency. Check what type of post they are posting. It may be information, product post, interviews, articles, videos, festival wishing post.

Once you complete competitive analysis than only start posting content.

9. Send Personalize Connection Requests

In Linkedin, you have two options for sending a connection request.

  • Send request directly from suggestion
  • Send personalize request by visiting a page of that personal

Most the digital marketing professional suggest that send personalize connection request so you will have a chance to send the personalized message that will increase chances of getting accepted.

What personalize message you can write?

Where we meet before?

Why wants to connect with you?

10. Add Keywords to Your Profile

Using hashtag will boost your content visibility. I always find good content through hashtags instead of scrolling the whole social media. So always use relative hashtags, find out which hashtags are popular or trending. use them and get the advantage of billions of people on LinkedIn.

When we talk about how to grow LinkedIn Connections don’t forget that you should have a quality product, service or content to share otherwise, the paid promotion even will not be effective for your profile.


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