4 useful Instagram lead generation tactics

useful Instagram lead generation tactics

Do you having good engagement on Instagram and want them as good leads? This Blog will show you how you can convert your audience into leads for the business. This blog on Instagram lead generation tactics is with reference to blog of Social media Examiner.

#1 Get leads from Instagram Bio

Make sure that your IG profile is well created and professional enough. Your profile should have fulfilled with all the key criteria. Upload a good profile picture and create good bio content with some Hashtag. Your Call to action buttons should be active to get leads.

Your IG links are a key place to get lead, so make your bio having rich content. Your bio should be enough interesting to get click on the link. When it is about links it should be the landing page of your downloads, login pages, or data collection page.

#2 Get traffic from your Instagram posts

Once you create a good bio with links that can generate Leads. Now its turn to make everyone reach there.

To get the most out of your bio link, it’s best to create content in your feed that drives people to that link.

There are some creative ways you can use the link in your Instagram profile to collect leads, depending on how you use your website and lead capture technology.

For good Call to action, you need good engagement. You can increase your engagement by getting story shares of your post. Encourage your viewers to share your post on the story. This clickable stories will help you to get views on the post and more profile visit.

#3 Generate leads from IG action buttons:

Instagram gradually evolve and always rethink on how to increase the value of business accounts. IG has one good feature name Instagram buttons, that gives you an option to directly interact with your target audience. Use it wisely. By default, you will get four buttons to call, text, Email, and direction.

Good marketers use E-mail and call option to get leads from profile visitors. Here profile visitors will have access to know your mobile number and Email Id.

Use the Default Text Action Button

Many companies run offers that allow Instagram users to text predefine words to specified numbers to enter in to contest or get the download link. By doing these companies are collecting numbers where they can promote their business letter.

Use Third-Party Action Buttons

You can also choose from additional action buttons tied to third-party tools like Resy, Eventbrite, or Grubhub. These integrated action buttons are designed to facilitate immediate actions like purchasing tickets, making a reservation, and so forth.

#4 Lead generation from Instagram Stories

The story is a creative way to interact with the audience. Stories also help when you target audience who don’t like to scroll the Instagram newsfeed.

Swipe-up link in Story can help you Get more Traffic to your links or you can drive them to your IG profile page.