7 Amazing social media tips for beginners

Social media marketing can give an amazing boost to your startups. One reason you should use it as your marketing tool is, it is cheap and more effective than other advertising tools.

Now here is the question that how to start, and how to engage the customer to your platforms? Here we have a full guide for social media marketing that will help you to boost up your business online.

Here are 7 essential Social media tips to help your business to boost online.

1.    Start with market research

Before start putting content, it is necessary to know what actually happening social networking sites. Don’t just start blasting content to social media. Do research, what your competitors are doing. Follow their strategy. Try to get insight that how they are using their budget on social media.

Here what you will come to know which content is getting good ROI and engagement. It will make you clear about what to post on social media.

The second thing you need to see is your target audience. What they like, how they react to content etc.

2. Find where your Target audience is.

There are 100+ good social networking sites in the world. They all are doing good in their area. But where your target audience is Live?, E.g. Photographers prefer to use Instagram and Pinterest. Content writers use Tumblr or Youtube.

Here I have referred some question that you can ask to your target audience. You can fill questioner physically or can use Google forms.

Important metrics you should be keeping account of:

  • The location of your target market
  • The online behaviors of your target market
  • How long they spend on the internet
  • Which social media platforms they use
  • How often they use social media.

Instead of using all social networking platforms, find out which one will be more profitable to you. And focus on that 2 or 3 platforms only. This is how you can spend your marketing budget wisely.

3. Create an effective social media plan.

The plan will show what actually you are going to do in next 1 month. This plan will include types of post, frequency, and color tone format, Etc.,

Here are some that you should consider while Social media plan

  • Types of post (Video, Gif, Infographic Etc)
  • Type of content (Informative, entertaining)
  • Frequency (Once in a week or daily)
  • Time of you posting content

4. The key focus and social media

As mention before don’t go for each and every social media platform. Find the key focus areas like you have Small business of Photography studio then you don’t need a Twitter account. Hr consulting service providers use Linkedin more they don’t need YouTube or even Instagram. So find your key focus is what actually you want to communicate.

5. Brand Building on social media

Brand Building is more about having synergy in your content visual and communication. You can start with basic things like logo, the color tone of the post, Route of communication, etc.

6. Post consistently

Consistency does not post daily. Here it is about being regular while posting. You can post every Sunday even. But your audience should be aware of the time you are posting. And it should be worthy and engaging to them.

7. Get the help of social media marketing automation tools.

Working alone on a brand will work at all. There are social media marketing experts who can help to boost up your business or Individual page.

Marketing automation tools can help you schedule and deploy social media updates from one single dashboard.

A few notable examples of top automation software products:


  • This Social media tips guide for beginners, If you are a business entity or professional and not on social media than you should start.
  • Before you start bit research about your key focus area and competitor social media is a must.
  • Be consistent and well plan while you are posting on Social networking sites.
  • Make synergy in your content and communication, it will help you grow brand identity.