7 Proven YouTube SEO Tips in 2019

7 Proven YouTube SEO Tips in 2019:

#1 Keyword Analysis for YouTube

Keyword research is most important for YouTube SEO. Here, You will have that how to do Youtube keyword planning. Here is the answer. Use google and Youtube Search for this. Find autocompleting word. Ex. You want to make video on Top 10 Youtubers of India search for Top 10 and it will show option given in the image.

#2 Langth of Video

Try to make videos of Maximum 7 to 10 Minute Longer. If it is tutorial you can make it 10 to 20 minute longer. Make sure that the viewer is not getting bored with video.

 #3 Naming YouTube Videos Titles

Don’t give random name to video. Use rich keyword in to it. So that video can be in right rank.

Make sure these points:

  • Video title should be under 66 characters, so it can be visible to Google search display.
  • Include name of Channel or Brand
  • Make your video engaging
  • Make sure your keyword is included in to video title.

#4 Know about keyword’s competition

YT is big social media uploading too many videos every day. You will have competitions for each and every keyword you are using. Find keyword competition show you can come to know which to use and which to delete. Here I have Chrome Extension of Tubebuddy that you can use.

It will show Competition of keyword. And which keywords are good to use. Find out the result and make a list of final keywords you are going to use.

You also will be able to find YouTube tags list. And rank for every tags so you can use that tags in your videos also.

#5 Write lengthy description for YouTube Video:

Videos can’t have word to find. So write description about your video. What is video about, uses of video, special thanks, links. This all will help Youtube and Google Understand the context of your video. And will rank accordingly.

Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

  • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
  • YouTube description character limit should be least 250 words
  • Include your keyword 2-4 times

Always make sure that your keyword doesn’t get spam. Don’t use your keyword too many times.

#6 Use of tags in YouTube:

It is not most important thing that you should follow. But having tags will increase your viewrs that for sure.

You can do Tag generation in two way.

  1. Think about the keyword ideas that people generally type
  2. Go to your competitors page, go to perticuler video and tags will show up by TubeBuddy. Make sure that you have installed the chrome extension of it.

#7 Use Playlist:

How to use playlists on YouTube?

Answer is make playlist according to keywords you have researched before. Ex. You have 5 keywords that is important to your video. Make playlist for every keyword. It may boost your viewership. It also can work your channel also.