Do’s and Don’ts for creating your own YouTube video channel

Do’s and Don’ts for creating your own YouTube video channel: YouTube is evergreen Platform to put Digital Content. It has huge viewer base and amazing algorithms to boost you up. You just need to know them. In my small Infographics I have shared Youtube Statistics, which are Amazing.

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Those Stats Shows how Popular Youtube is and why you should put your content on Youtube. It can help your business to boost a business.

Do and Don’t for Youtube.

The First and most important Advice to get success on social media is keep learning and don’t give up. May be You Start weak due to less engagement but if you keep changing yourself, you can Miracles here.

Now let’s go to Do and Don’ts for YouTube.

Some Basic tips about Youtube Channel

#1 Make Quality Content:

Make viewer worthy Content. You need to have enough information or entertainment in video content, which is sharable on other Social media platforms. Good Content is halfway done.

# 2 Always Work on Branding

Give efforts to make Channel more creative, visually Impactful and Engaging. The Good content with good presentation works Always. Put High resolution Thumbnails and High-resolution graphics, which can establish you and can give you more recognition to your subscribers.

#3 Collaborate with other Youtubers

Work with other YouTube channel Owners and Videographers. Reach out to other channels and subscribe, like, and engage with their content. Offer to host their videos on your channel and ask them to reciprocate if you have mutually beneficial brands. This is a good way to build an audience. Getting started on YouTube is all about cross-promotion and networking to build an audience.

#4 Don’t give all content Away at Once.

Make a schedule, for posting video. You post Videos on daily basis, weekly, or monthly or half-monthly. Whatever is convenient to you, But it should be regular so people can expect when your next video is going to post.

#5 Engage and respond whatever feedbacks you get.

Appreciate good comments, learn from bad comments and try to change in next video. So people can see you growing, and can feel that you are working on feedbacks. The more engage with people on social media, more you will have chance to get higher on social media.

Some Tips for Content of the Videos

Once you are Done with basics of youtube Channel. Its time to think of content of Video what

Now that your channel looks great, what should you fill it with? Memorable, high quality content, of course! Here are 10 tips we’ve found helpful when it comes to creating a well-rounded channel.

5 Video Marketing Tips

#1 The size of Video:

Do not make long videos Long videos will Decries the retention of viewers. People will start skipping some part of video or will skip full video.

Video marketing researchers at Wistia discovered that 85% of people will watch a 30-second (or shorter) video to the end. That number tapers off the longer the video gets. For 2017, 56% of all videos published were under 2 minutes.

#2 Always Work For SEO

Yes, SEO works in video also. But it own algorithm. Use Hashtag, Write Long descriptions, Put contact links, Keyword Research, Write a Keyword-Optimized Title, and Much more.

#3 Make Your Video Customer Oriented.

What benefit viewer will get out of this video?  Ask yourself every time.  Describe about that benefits in the begging of the video.  So people can relate. You are going to give any task than mention that task in description, so viewer can get prepare.

#4 Use Video Everywhere

Share Video all other social media platforms, if you doing E-mail marketing share it over there. Link video in website. This will boost up your viewership.

#5 Make Mobile Friendly videos:

People spend more time on mobile instead of Desktops. Think about that and make Videos Accordingly. Ensure Your Video Players Are Responsive, Use the Highest Quality Audio Possible When Making Mobile Videos, Use Large Text and Zoom-In on Important Messaging.