How Instagram Algorithm work in 2019

How Instagram Algorithm work in 2019 A informative Blog by Modern Monkey on how you can Increase your reach on Instagram.

Instagram algorithm applies for everyone, whether you are business or individual.

How here I am going to tell you how to fine-tune your Instagram marketing strategy to boost your reach and to get more engagement.

Here I have gathered the most recent information about Instagram algorithm

How Instagram algorithm works – 2019

We should forget that any social media will have first goal to maximize the time spading of user. So they can show more advertisements and boosted content on social media. This is how social media business model works.

On the topic these are the top 3 signals that creates Instagram algorithm

  1. Relationship
  2. Interest
  3. Timeliness

#1 Relationship

When you open Instagram Account, what will be the first post that you see? Mainly it will be from the person of page you like, or interact most.

If a person often comments on your posts, or they have enable notification for Your Instagram accounts. Or they DM you frequently than he/she will first post of you on Feed.

#2 Interest

which posts are important to users based on their past behaviour will also affect your news feed.

here you will see similar algorithm to Facebook and Youtube recommended content

This is similar to how the Facebook algorithm and the YouTube algorithm filter and recommend content. So, users who like latte art are more likely to see latte art at the top of their feed. Users who like baby animals are more likely to see baby animals up there.

#3 Timeliness

First in First out will be basic idea here. New post will show first in feed. the more you go down you will see more older post.

This are the basic algorithm that you should have in mind. There also many other algorithm that you need to keep in mind.

Frequency of use

This will calculate how often user have use the IG.

Following count

If a user follows a lot of accounts, they’ll probably see fewer posts from any one specific account, even if that account is prolific. But they’ll see a wider breadth of posts overall. On the other hand, if they follow a smaller number of accounts, they’ll likely see more of each account’s posts.