How People Use Social Media to Grow and Promote Their Business

Social media is a place where people meet and share their thoughts, feelings. Social media is place where everything becomes nearby.

For promotion of any business you need large number of viewer interested in your product or services. Social media fulfilled it by give high engagement and Insights. So let’s see how people now a day’s promote their business on social media.

Every year many Social media report come on how people are using social networking site benefits and problem of using this site. 2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Social media Report from Social Media Examiner provides us with some insight on social media hoe people are using it and what is going on and what you can expect near future. The study surveyed more than 4,800 marketers with the goal of understanding how they’re using social media to grow and promote their businesses.

Usage of social media

Usage of social media is increasing day by day for promotional activity you need Increased exposure and traffic both are going higher in last five years and this is very benefits for marketing so let’s see what number say about it Increased exposure grew to 93% from 87% in 2018 and increased traffic improved to 87% from 78% last year demonstrating that positive results are possible even in a crowded social media landscape and definitely it will go high in future also.

Most Popular Social networking site

Two most popular social media network are Facebook and Instagram. Both platforms are the top two platforms used by marketers, both platform are Growing rapidly Instagram grew from 66% to 73% and Twitter fell from 62% to 59%.

Most popular among all is Facebook. Facebook is holding his first place in both the case B2C and B2B marketers; however, when separating B2C and B2B responses, the number two spot for B2C is Instagram at 78% while B2B’s second spot is LinkedIn at 80% b2b is going higher in linked in is because Linkedin is used by business professional and well educated people.

Lead generation Trough Social media

As the number says Generated leads increased to 74% from 64%. And sales also go higher to 72% from 53% which is very good and as we see the number it will go higher in future as well.

Video Promotions

In terms of video promotion YouTube is still the number one, video channel marketers prefer YouTube more than any one, with Facebook’s native videos is second runners-up. B2C and B2B responses is deferent, B2C marketers use more Instagram stories and Facebook native video while B2B marketers use more LinkedIn native video and research show that video advertisement is more effective than other.

Every platform have its own benefits, overall Facebook is way ahead of the other social network. However, when separating B2C and B2B, in B2C marketers are use Facebook and Instagram ads while B2B marketers are using more LinkedIn then other.

ROI (return on investment) for marketing activities is very important if advertisement don’t give you any business then it’s useless.

Is social media marketing worth the financial and human resources investment?

If you want to survive in this era you need to do social media marketing no metter I witch industry you are working your business is big or small you have to do some social media marketing.

Social media marketing will give you batter ROI in future then today when you start advertising on social media you won’t find any result but slowly and gradually people will notice you and you will get good business out of it and it will increase day by day depend on your skills how good you are at social media marketing.