How to get Instagram Shoutouts?

Ever surprised how top Instagram followers are getting this much of followers? Then you need to know about Instagram Shoutouts.

What Are Instagram Shoutouts?

Shoutout is all about getting a mention by other Instagram users. They may appreciate your work, your content or you as a human.

How Shoutout works:

Two accounts from same content category (they may be different also) mutually agree to post content of each other on IG story or post. It may be video, post or screenshot of account.

Well, it is not as easy as it looks. It requires good networking with other IG users. And also a willingness to put their content on your account to create a good relationship with them.

Shoutout success requires a technique. Here we are providing some tactic that can help you to grow your Instagram account fast.

Here are some shoutout techniques that will help your Instagram Account.

1. Search for IG accounts with similar content and number of users

Here similar content is most important. What if you are creating humor content and getting shoutout by health content maker? It won’t work. So do the first thing to find people who have similar content to you.

Finding similar have some advantages like, it will not look like an advertisement. Second, you will get the right target audience. Third, you will have more content to post on the story.

Here you have to keep in mind that you will not get Shoutout from 100K Instagram account if you having 1K followers. Find out the user who is more are nearer to you in term of followers. It will increase the chances of success.

2. Create a relationship before asking Instagram Shoutouts.

Don’t just DM or mail without any repo with the user. It will create a bad impression. Like and comment on their content. Check out what type of content they have?

It is a polite way to engage with Instagrammers. Like, Comment or Follow Other Users Profiles before Asking for a Shoutout. Try giving their photos or videos a few likes, comment on them and even follow them to let them know you’re serious.

Never forgot that social networking sites are all about engagement. More you interact the more go high. It is an easy way to build your social existence.

Do not get spam.

Commenting that is generic, or writing S4S in comments me give spam alert. Don’t do that. Comment what great they have in their post. Give compliments about their account. It will work for sure.

Contact via DM or E-mail.

Here is the final step that you need to do is asking for Shoutout. DM IG user with Hi or greetings. You can ask in a way “would you like to do shoutout?” wait for his/her reply try to convey what benefit they will get with a shoutout.


Try to work with more real accounts and make a shoutout to get identity over Instagram. Never work like spammers.