How to Increase Follower on Instagram?

Increase Follower on Instagram

Increasing Instagram follower is two easy but when we talk about organic followers is a bit difficult task.

What is organic or Niche Followers?

Organic followers are those Followers who like the post you are creating.

Think about one situation where one person has 100k Followers and getting 2000 Likes and second has 10K Followers and getting Avg. 3000 to 4000 likes. what you would like to be person 1 or person 2?

In this blog, we will talk about how to increase organic followers without any software, trikes or magic…

Ways to increase Followers on Instagram:

1. Use relative hashtags

find your category first, who you are, a photographer, a traveler, model, or someone else. once you decided with your category, your task will be to know what are the famous hashtags (#) in your category.

Like if you are Indian photographer than your Hashtag may be #indianphotography,

Also, make one unique hashtag that doesn’t exist in the list of Instagram that will be your own hashtag.

2. Make Descriptive post cations

Instagram Algorithm check that how much time one person spends on your post, also a description of the post will explain that what your post actually wants to say actually.

3. Be interactive and increase follower on Instagram

Make people involved, ask for reviews, let them questions, Post on current topics, try to create debut out of your post.
Being interactive will rank you higher on the Instagram feed and story timeline.

4. Remove Useless tagging

Don’t Allow people to tag you, remove tags that you find worthless.

5. Be creative in Instagram Stories

Just putting stories Instagram won’t work, you need to put it the way, it can be interactive.

Instagram has many inbuilt stickers like Poll, scale, ask me a question. Use that features to connect with people. You also can try catchy stickers to get the attention of viewers. Always keep in mind target audience, their likes and dislikes should be preferable to you.

6. Follow Strategy to increase follower on Instagram

this is a simple trick initially people use to find followers

  1. Find Instagram pages that are similar to you.
  2. Follow his/her followers
  3. let them follow back

The general mistake here people do is unfollowing followers, Don’t do that. Instagram has its own suggestion algorithm if they find misbehave in your activities than they will stop suggesting you to other users.

If you find need to unfollow people than use follower assistant tool. It will help you to unfollow the users who are not doing value addition to your page.

7. Like for Like Strategy to Increase Follower on Instagram

Every Instagram user likes that someone is checking his or her profile and appreciating it.

Like the post of users who like your post, it will grab the attention of the user who liked your post and also it will create the connection between you and followers personally.

8. Respond to people

  • Reply to comments
  • Respond to DMs
  • read about their query and try to solve them
  • If you find comment appreciating your work, put it on the story with thank you for a message.

9. Put Qualitative Content

It is important to have good content with good synergy, it will make your own identity.

10. Keep Checking Insights

If you have a business account you will be able to check page insight, it is very important to know that where you are, who is your audience.

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