How to Promote your business on Instagram?

Every business no matter small or big all need to market their products or services and in 21 century social media marketing is one of the best ways, there are many platforms are available to market your business like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more and in these platforms you can advertise, sales spread your business make community and main benefit social media marketing you can spread your business worldwide, and this all things at your tip of finger.

Instagram is a popular social media platform and very effective if you know how to use it. Instagram has many users; figure says Instagram has 1 billion users who use Instagram monthly and 500 million users who use Instagram every day.

So as we see number speak so well for Instagram so let’s see how to use this platform to enhance your business.
Setting up Instagram is very easy:

1. Start Instagram account

You simply open an account or just download the app from an app store or Google Play Store. But remember there are two types of accounts in Instagram one is personal account another business profile let’s see what is nature difference between two.

(1) Personal account

A personal account can be both public and private account can’t be accessed by anyone. To follow such account users have to send a request to follow it and the owner can either accept it or not. And there is less facility for advertisement and marketing.

(2) Business profile

The business profile gives more opportunities when it comes to advertising, analyzing data, providing contact options and selling goods on Instagram, another thing is Business profile can’t be private.

It always has to be public. Don’t worry if you have a private profile you can switch it to a business profile. follow a particular process.

2. Set up your Instagram profile

(1) Add profile picture

Go to your profile page by tapping the bottom-right corner icon. Select the blank space beside your name. Then a select picture from other social media sites or upload it

(2) Link another account

Go to your profile page once again and tap the settings icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Go to share a setting and add the account you can add more than 1 account. Link your website URL set profile, describe your business.

3. Start sharing

Ones your account is set up you have put all information on it, start posting on it but there are things which you need to consider like whenever you post don’t post anything on it post relevant information also pick attractive images in it and write some important point with it, it can be anything which you fell your audience will like
The most important thing in posting is you have to post on a regular basis so people don’t forget you and fell connected to your business. At list post once in a day.

4. Promote your page

Now your page is ready, you have some contain so let’s not wait and start promotion of your page share your page as much as you can send invites to your friend on WhatsApp, Facebook friend so they like your page. Send URL to friend and family you should put a link to your account in your email signature and on your business cards. If you have a website include all of your social profiles on your website so people can find you from multiple ways and your engagement inrush.

5. Connect with your audience

One of the important things is connectivity if a person come on your page and then he doesn’t gate attention from you after some time he will forget you or not take interest in your posts so you have to connect with them to make them active. For that, you can like there post follow back some time massage them and share their post on your story
Promote your posts on Instagram
If you want to grow faster you can promote your post on Instagram so more people can see your post and your post will gate more attention for that you have to pay some amount to Instagram. There are many plans for paid promotion so choose your plan wisely as per your business.


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