What is Instagram Business account and how it helps you in business?

Instagram Business account

Using Instagram for business can have a major impact on a brand’s marketing efforts. Hardly surprising when you learn that the social network has almost 1 billion active monthly usersand that 200 million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile every day.

Instagram Business account 

If you are a business owner and wants to sell or promote your business on social media then this series of promoting business on social media is for you.

Here we will show some basic knowledge about the Social media app and tools one by one where you can promote your business and can get more profit out of your business

Promoting business online is easy and accurate if you know the tricks and tip for the same. here we are covering Instagram business that is with some unique features for business owners to know and reach to the right target audience.

Visibility of businesses is increasing on social media because here promoting your product or service is easy, here you can interact with people, you can know who is watching or reviewing your ads and also buying behavior of the market.

Instagram Business account

Instagram Business account is getting popularity now a day because of its functions, insights of the target audience, and big audience span to communicate the message or sell products.

What is Instagram Business Account?
the Instagram business account is a special featured account of Instagram.

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4 features that make an Instagram business account unique on social media

1. Here you can put your point of contact detail

  • The link of your website
  • Contact detail
  • Business direction map
  • E-mail Address

2 .You can see insight

Post wise insight:
People shared or save your post
Reach you get from the post
How people are reaching at your post

How to see post insight?
Go to post You want to see insight, click on insight button given below the post.

Story-wise insight:

How many people shared your story?
Who forwarded your story (show they are less interested)

How to see post insight?
Go to Story You want to see insight, click on insight icon given below the story.

Main page insight

In Main Page menu you will find insight option for Instagram business. here you will find who is your target audience, Which are the posts that have been shared or watch the most.

Here you can find what people actually like or dislike in your page?
How to see Main page insight
Go to your profile >> Click on Three Horizontal lines on Right side >> find insight option

3. Page views

Instagram business shows the total profile visit in a month so you can know, how many people are watching your profile. there is no behavior analysis for the same that what he/she does after coming in your page.

4. Paid Promotions

Instagram Business allows promoting/advertisement your business according to your target audience.

Why to promote page?

  • To Increase page likes/post
  • To promote product
  • Reach the right audience
  • To increase awareness of the brand

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