Linktree – a useful tool for social media

Linktree is a website where you can create a database of your links of youtube videos, Blogs, or Instagram photos you want to highlight the most.

it is simple to link redirecting site that gives you the advantage to share multiple links with just one link.

it is in both the versions free and premium

How The Idea Come

The Co-founder of Linktree Alex was working in one digital media and event agency where he uses to put links of the show on social media Bio, but he found one limitation there that he can put only one link There, that was frustrating for him and he found the idea of the link with the branch of links. And this is how Linktree founded in 2016.

Today Linktree has more than 1.5 Million followers all over the world.

How it is useful?

Generally it bloggers use it for their Instagram pages so that they can highlight multiple blogs in just one link.

  • You can use Linktree based on your Creative, it depends on you that how you are going to use it.
  • you can put all your blogs in it
  • share links of your  YouTube videos
  • Links for selling something from one link only.

This is the Best Example Give by Linktree for using it effectively

Article Name: Four examples of great Linktrees in action

Advantages of Linktree Free Account

You can use Multiple Link to share with someone

You can put other social media Icon that Instagram doesn’t allow

Advantages of Linktree with pro Account

  • Email signups
  • The option of 15 fonts
  • Put Background images in Link
  • Social links
  • you can customize your profile
  • Link analytics

Disadvantage of Linktree

  • It uses its own branding in your content
  • it may spam by Instagram or Facebook
  • Free designs are less attractive

Steps to sign up in Linktree

Go to Linktree site

We have shared link here for Linktree first step will be to visit Linktree website and Click on signup button to get started

Link is Here

Fill information or signup with Instagram

Here you have two option you can make account Independently or can go with your existing Instagram account.

Confirm information and accept conditions

If you Signup with instagram Account, site will reconfirm you detail and will ask to accept Terms and condition. Do the same and click on show detail button

Select Plan

You will have two plan to choose one is free and second is pro which cost you arround 6 US Dollar every month, you can choose plan according to your requirements and usage

Start Adding Links

And here your account is ready to put links now. Even in free account you can put unlimited link. Start adding links and sharing on social media


Overall it is good to make an account on Linktree, it may help to boostup your business, blogs or videos that worth high for you.

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