Social media marketing on Facebook for small business

Social media marketing is so effective in any industry no matter you are running a small business or a giant in your industry. But you have to focus and on your marketing and in 21 century it is necessary to use social media is very effective if you know how to use it in your favor.

Creating a Page on Facebook

So let’s see how Facebook can help you to grow your business. First, create a Facebook page with your business profile and information

Step 1: Sign up

Go to and click Create a Page in the top right-hand corner. And then tap on create Page then fill information like page name category if you have a website then add it’s URL

Step 2: Add Pictures

Add a related picture of your business on your profile and cover image to create good visual effect it is necessary to look good at social media.

Your page is now ready to go in addition there are few steps to make it more effective.

Step 3: Add a short description

Be creative here this is your opportunity to tell people about your business. It should be just a couple of sentences so there’s no need to get too elaborate here. Maximum 155 characters are limit so stop your Creativity there.

Step 4: Create a username

Username is your identity or you can say URL on Facebook people can find you using it. Username should be under 50 characters.

Step 5: fill about section

It’s very important to tell your audience related information about your business like what is starting time when you close what services you give and many more.

Step 6:  Post on your page

Ones everything is done you should start posting on it so the person comes to your page know that this page is in working & there is something going on. So before spreading your page, you need to post some related thing on is it can be images, video, or your business information.

Social media marketing for Facebook

Now you have your own page so let’s see how to use it in a proper way so you can gate maximum benefit of it. Getting F likes is not an easy task as once it was used to be. Every single page is trying hard to get the users attention by delivering amazing contents. So keep your Facebook page by posting exceptional content and analyze which works well. And always be active and responsive to your audience.

Be consistent

To gate your audience attention you have to post regularly so people know this thing exists somewhere and what you are giving them. At list one post a day so the audience can relate to your page, quality of the post is also important if you are posting a lot but there is no coherence and coherent in your post it will not work for a long time.

Promote your page

Now your page is ready, you have some contain so let’s not wait and start promotion of your page share your page as much as you can send invites to your Facebook friend so they like your page. Send URL to friend and family you should put a link to your Facebook page in your email signature and on your business cards. If you have a website include all of your social profiles on your website so people can find you from multiple ways and your engagement inrush.


Engage with your audience

After all Facebook users are human being engaging with your audience can help you a lot In increasing your network, so do like, comment, share, and massage them too, after this all effort your social friend appreciate you and you will receive a good response from them and once you engage with them there friend will take interest In your page.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are so effective tool for Social media marketing of your page and get a response. If you try all tricks and tools but they are not working or you want good result in a short time then this fetcher is for you pay some amount and rest thing will be done by Facebook , Facebook collects user data, it can target your advertisement to those who are most likely to be interested in your product or service, Facebook’s tools are very effective and make it easy to target a specific audience. You can target people who like your page or by location, age, gender, and interests.


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