Twitter tips to get more followers

Twitter, a social networking site that helps in gaining more exposure to personal and business brands. Everyone wants to lead in the era of competition, and social media is best for the same. Especially Twitter is an amazing way to share your opinion of the world. Getting a good number of followers on twitter is a process. You can increase your reach by following Twitter tips.

More tweets equal to more followers

The first and foremost thing you need to do is posting more tweets. The more post, the more you will have the chance to get a higher reach. You can tweet from a range of 3 to 7 per day. We observe that there are some businesses who post even more than 15 tweets a day.

With every new tweet, you will have a higher chance to reach new viewers. You can create a calendar for everyday posting.

The right time to Tweet!

Which is the right time to Tweet? Find out when your target audience is online. It is necessary to know. Good digital marketing influencers suggest that you should post in the morning or late afternoon.

Best way to post on right time is using the third party. Here are some service such as TweetDeck, Hootsuite, buffer, etc. With these services, you can schedule the post at the time you want.

The visual presentation will help you to boost your tweet

According to digital marketers, visual content has higher engagement than text content. But the question is how to make good visual content?. You can use Canva, online designing tool. It is for both mobile and Desktop. Use Canva and make some visual rich information to tweet.

Make Your Twitter Hashtags a Priority

The hashtag is a word that identifies the category of your content. Eg. If you use #Socialmedia than it indicates that your content is on social media. Use rich hashtags that are popular among the target audience. Tweeter allows people to follow the hashtag, so don’t forgot to make your own also. With every post keep checking insight so you will identify which hashtag is doing good and which one is not useful for you.

How to find important Hashtags?

Keep checking competitor profiles. Make a list of Tags they are using. Take a look at those hashtags every time you make content. Find out which tags will be suitable for your content. More you use relevant hashtags the more you will have chances of higher engagement.

Make everyone Engage

Twitter algorithm gives a boost to the post that is more engaging. In social media, engagement defines a higher number of like, share, profile visits, comments, etc. more people talk about you the more you will go higher.

Here are some Twitter tips for engagement

  • Do retweets from people you follow
  • Respond to people whenever are mentioned in their tweets
  • Liking others tweets, or giving your opinion on their views.
  • Ask questions in your tweets or make polls.
  • Cross social media marketing is essential

Share your tweets on other social networking sites as well. It is not necessary that a person who is following you on one social networking site is following you on all other. Keep doing cross sharing. It will increase your brand value as well.    

Make a complete Twitter profile.

Twitter tips will work when you have complete profile. here are some point that you should take care.

  • Write a bio with some useful tags.
  • Write about why you are here.
  • Put website links.
  • Put profile pitcher (Size 400 X 400 Pixel)
  • Upload cover page image (Size 1500 X 500 Pixel)


  • Having good content with a good visual presentation will boost your profile
  • Don’t forget to complete your profile to get more reach
  • Do a cross social media marketing it always helps
  • Try to increase engagements as it is essential
  • Research and use relevant hashtags
  • More tweets give more followers