Impact of technology on jobs

technology, it is creating or breaking us?

There are two worlds with their own beliefs one who thinks that technology is the reason for the growth of human culture and second who thinks technology is harming our lives and making us more dependable to machine application and artificial intelligence.

I read some the article and research paper Published and found some topics that they cover as a good and bad point of technological advancement.

The Main debut I found on the internet was – Impact of technology on jobs?

Good point about technology?

The growth of society and Culture

30 years ago we use to write letters and was used to get a reply after a week or two. Today you have a communication system that allows you to see each other (talking about video calls.

The technological advancement increase possibilities, in terms of reaching to others, lifestyle, communication process, information gathering, and much more.

Work efficiency and Effectiveness

Technology has increased the work efficiency that is for sure, can we believe that we have invented machines that can print lacs of papers in just half day, how much time it will take to copy one paper manually and how the chances of error? (much more than machines)


Technology reduces the cost and time both, as Machines doesn’t have it can work 24×7 for you and that is the big advantage of technology.

A Comfortable and Secure life

Technology results in the improved lifestyles, and hence consumerism increases and thereby results in more employment opportunities. For example, the industrial revolution created more jobs than it eliminated

Bad points about technology?


The immediate result of new technologies will be job losses because some jobs will become redundant.

Balance work and personal life.

Technical advancement is forcing people to continuously update their knowledge to sustain in the job market. This can be too overwhelming for some to balance work and personal life.

AI Technology Vs skilled professionals

Artificial intelligence is replacing skilled professionals too. This can reduce the employment opportunities available for technically skilled persons.

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