how to unfollow all on Instagram at once?

how to unfollow all on Instagram at once? this is frequently to ask questions on google and here is the answer

Instagram is the place where users get follow back easly and that feature of Instagram also raises the question that how to unfollow people whom I am following without knowing them?

Following too many people is easy but when you start to unfollow them, it became hectic as you have to do that with agreeing on the confirmation message of Instagram.

Is there any way by which we can unfollow people fastly?

follower assistant

yes, there is a way,
you can do this by several apps available on Google play store

The one app I like most is follower nt, this app is available in both premium and free trial form.

the best thing about the app is that here you can unfollow people who don’t follow you or who recently unfollowed you.

How to use follower assistant?

This app is user-Friendly, you will find instructions and section like stop follow, people who stop following you, Follow backs you can check all detail in just one swipe.

You can unfollow 200 people in 1 hr.

Process for Stop follow in Follower assistance

Step 1

Download follower assistance from google play store.

Step 2

Open app and login with your Instagram username and password

Step 3

Click on check list button let the app complete the process of compiling data and go to stop Follow section in Application

Step 4

go to stop follow section

Step 5

fill the number of followers you want to unfollow.

Is this safe to use follower assistance?

Yes, it is safe to use follower assistance as you are downloading from Google play store.

Is follow and Unfollow affects my page engagement?

I found many pages having good followers but now getting likes and comment as they don’t have interesting content or people who are following him/her is not interested in the content.

If you are following back by people who have no interest in your content then you may lose engagement and likes of your page.

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