Mobile App for Voters – Voters helpline app - How to download and use this app?

Voter helpline app – How to download and use this App?

This mobile is the initiative of the Election Commission of India to direct the people and to motivate them to vote. Also, this app takes care of the information you required during voting.

Voter helpline Mobile app nowadays becomes a single point of information for all kind of queries regarding the election.

What this mobile app do?

This app is user-friendly and created with guidelines. This app helps to find your name in the electoral roll, the status of the application, online form submitting, filing complaints Etc.

The app provides you information on the basis of voter’s epic number; you just need to submit your epic number and the app will provide you all the information regarding the election. The epic number is given to every Indie voters

State additional chief electoral officer, Manish Ranjan said, “The ECI is going to focus on maximum use of Information Technology (IT) in elections and in this direction, voter helpline mobile application is going to be introduced in the State. Through the app, a voter can get all information in this mobile sitting at their home.”

How to download this mobile app?

You can download this app your Google Play Store, To download, open the Google Play Store app on your device and search for Voter Helpline.

Developer name: Election Commission of India

Size : 11 MB (Approx.)

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