Whatsapp beta update with new audio picker

Whatsapp new Update

About new Update of Whatapp

Whatsapp is coming with new update 2.19.98 that allows you to pick as much as 30 audio files to send in a single time also group admin to stop “frequently forwarded messages” to be sent in the group. So lets see what is exiting about  whatsapp beta update 2.19.98

Audio picker in

The Whatsapp 2.19.97 beta update comes with new Feature audio picker where users can play an audio file before selecting it to send. The update supports audio preview and image preview without affecting the selection process fetcher is in process in version.

Frequently forwarded message

The 2.19.97 beta update will offer “frequently forwarded message” restriction feature. Once activated by admin of group, administrators will be able to see and edit the “Frequently forwarded messages” option in the group settings and only admin can do it. Admin can “Choose to allow participants to send frequently forwarded messages to this group” with “Allow” and “Don’t allow” options.

In near future  we can see new feature  “forwarding info “feature, which informs how many times one particular message has been forwarded, and “frequently forwarded message” which shows that a message has been forwarded too many times. This feature is not implemented in the stable version.

It’s now easier to start group voice and video calls. Just tap the call button in groups or select “New group call” when starting a new call in the calls tab. Group calls support up to 4 participants.



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