Second-generation AirPods by Apple

Second-generation AirPods by Apple

apple is known for its innovation and design. From the company has served us the best out of all. Whether it is a computer or smartphone, we find apple always a leader. Here it came with one more innovation which is surely going to surprise you.


To compete in the market So companies finding new innovative products and also enhancing the existing products. In part of that development Apple has introduced a new device.

What is the new in apple Airpods?

The new AirPods are fitted with the H1 chip so it is very accurate and fast.

The connectivity between pod and device is fast and the ability to ask for Siri hands-free with the “Hey Siri” command.

Apple Inc. on Wednesday unveiled a new version of its AirPods. It has wireless earbuds that can activate the virtual assistant Siri by voice. This an added feature aimed at extending the momentum of a fast-selling device as iPhone sales cool.

Because of its performance efficiency, the H1 chip also allows the AirPods to offer 50 percent more talk time using the headphones. Switching between devices is 2x faster than the previous-generation AirPods, according to Apple.

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