Yono App – this mobile app is useful?

So finally SBI (state Bank of India) comes with services such as taxi bookings, online shopping,or medical bill payments etc. YONO (You Only Need One) is an integrated digital banking platform offered as a Smartphone app for both Android and IOS.

Features of YONO

This time SBI comes with interresting online platform who offers many intrusting services like taxi bookig, online education, offline retail, online shopping, travel planning, also offers conventional mobile banking services such as fund transfers,   cashless bill, bank account opening, payments and loans. 


What is YONO?

YONO is app which helps you to operate your SBI account through the mobile app. Save your time and effort and the best part is user can apply for this type of account without visiting a bank branch, or any paper formality.

Can I Open SBI account online?

Yes you can open SBI online so easily online. For that you need aadhaar number, PAN, an active register mobile number. Click for link to register.


How Can I register Yono in SBI?

There is four step registration process.

  1. Click on Register. It will redirect you to SBI cards website.
  2. Enter your SBI card no. CVV no…
  3. Your One Time Password (OTP) will be sent on your registered mobile no. & e-mail id
  4. Enter your OTP correctly to set your user id& password and complete the registration process.

Is Yono SBI Safe?

Yes it is, SBI YONO is totally safe like other app and you can trust SBI and all online app relate to  Banks are lunched only after ensuring fool proof security.

– Prersis Christian

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